[Updated 14/07/2020]

Elmlea Schools’ Trust Admission Arrangements

EST Admissions Policy 2021-2022 – Published April 2020

New Parent Presentation – A School of Opportunity

Transfer from Elmlea Infants’ School
Year 2 children attending Elmlea Infants’ School are offered a Year 3 place at the Junior School automatically. Year 2 parents will be contacted to confirm acceptance of their places.

All other Admissions
Vacancies may occur for any year group at any time. Applicants should contact the school for details and complete the school’s pupil application form available for download here Elmlea Schools’ Trust – Application Form  and email to junior@elmleaschoolstrust.com 

If the school has places within the relevant year group, a place will be offered, and admission will be arranged between the school and the applicant.  It is expected that the applicant will have informed their child’s current school prior to making an application. In the best interests of the child, the Executive Headteacher will contact the current school prior to offering a place to liaise to enable and support a smooth transition.

If a place is unavailable for the relevant year group, the school will add the new application to its waiting list of all applicants seeking a place. All applications will be ranked in line with the school’s over-subscription criteria and allocations will be made in accordance with it.

Priority will not be given on the basis simply of the date an application was added to the list.

Children who are the subject of a direction by the Local Council to admit or who are allocated a school in accordance with a Fair Access Protocol for school places will take precedence over those on the waiting list.