Here at Elmlea, we aim to prepare our children both academically and socially for all they will encounter, not just during their future educational experience, but throughout life. We aim to instil a love of lifelong learning within them and an ability to be responsible citizens who contribute to their communities both locally and globally.

All this is done in a safe and caring environment by all members of staff, not just teaching staff, and is fundamental to the ethos of our school and essential for the ultimate success of our children.

PSHEE is the ‘umbrella’ under which these areas of our children’s education is covered. PSHEE stands for – Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education. More specifically –

Personal – this is about ‘emotional literacy’. It is the ability to recognise, understand, manage and express emotions. Emotions play a large part in our ability to learn, interact with others and generally function effectively. Children and adults who are emotionally literate are able to get on with others, resolve conflict, motivate themselves and achieve throughout their life.

Social –  this focuses on the relationships that we develop and strive to maintain. How we interact with others; both friends and family. It is about developing empathy and understanding of others and supporting the people around us when they are in need.

Health    this covers both our physical and emotional health. We teach children about the ‘fuel’ that our bodies need in order to function effectively and stay healthy eg the foods and their different benefits; the need to rehydrate throughout the day; how essential it is to get enough sleep; the importance of personal hygiene and much more. All of the above also supports our emotional well-being and ensures that we are ‘ready to learn’.

Economic – as responsible, independent future citizens, one of the areas that we will all have encounter is financial competence. We aim to introduce our children to the concept of budgeting, how to save money and how to identify the priorities when spending our  money.

Education – educating our children in all of the above areas is fundamental to the success of our school. Research shows that ‘only happy and calm children are ready to learn’ and we aim to care for our children in a warm and safe environment where they can discuss and address all issues that arise and explore any worries they may have.  Ultimately, we aim to provide and develop within our children the knowledge and responsibility to look after themselves and become healthy, literate and valuable members of society.

Further Information can be found here: RSE-Guide-for-Parents-and-Carers-leaflet-2018