About us

At Elmlea, our six “Golden Rules” are the pillars of our school community – a reflection of our moral values. The social and emotional aspects of learning are valued as much as the academic curriculum.

The Golden Rules are displayed throughout the school and permeate all areas of school life; they are not confined to the classroom. We aim to get these values off the walls and into our mindsets, so that they are embedded into our environment. We don’t want children simply to know that that they are supposed to be gentle. Instead, we want children to recognise for themselves when and how they are being gentle, so they can make a positive behavioural choice. The Golden Rules come alive through structured discussion and activities in class.

All around the school, recognition is given when these values are demonstrated. We look for children doing things correctly, to praise and reward them. Golden Rules are further endorsed through school assemblies, where the six values are celebrated by the whole community.

We hope that the outcome is that our pupils will recognise themselves as people who are good listeners, kind, helpful, careful, honest and hard-working. This self-awareness engenders a culture of caring, where individuals take responsibility for their own actions and for the welfare of others. This creates an ideal environment for the development of self confidence and a love of learning. We know that only happy and calm children learn. This is the essence of our school.